You Can Help

Help make a difference

As a very small and newer immigrant community (1992/3) not only do we need financial support in various forms, we are also seeking culturally sensitive people to volunteer and/or join the Tibetan Alliance Advisory Board/Fundraising Committee to assist and teach Tibetan community members the art of the non-profit business.
Non-profit consultant
Fundraiser/Event Planner
Grant Writer
Computer tech to maintain the mailing list and archive TAC documents

Ongoing Throughout the Year:
Sponsor a children’s arts and craft activity
Sponsor other children’s program (maybe a field trip)
Sponsor a Tibetan (that speaks Tibetan) lama/teacher or visiting monastery monks
Financial support

For Our New Center:
Renovation/Construction experts and supplies
Engineer, Electrician, Plumber
Painting and drywall supplies

Our needs and wish list will change when building renovations are complete. Probable donation needs are:
Interior space dividers
Kitchen appliances (refrigerates and freezers)
Children’s games and books
Tables and chairs
Floor cushions for community prayer
Offices supplies, computers, cesks, file cabinets
Sound system
Movie screening system
To name a few.

College Preparation Assistance— Many students have parents who never completed high school in India or Nepal. The application process, entrance essay, financial aid and finding scholarship sources can be very daunting even for Americans accustomed to the process.

The community thank you for your support!!!

TAC is a registered 501(c)(3) all Tibetan, non-profit all-volunteer community based organization. All donations are tax deductible.